Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Court Martial

Your Honor,

It is my intention to speak on behalf of {Title} {Name}, who is facing a court martial for {reason} on {date}. I am {Name}'s {supervisor/coworker/etc.}, my rank is {rank} and I have worked with {him/her} at {location} for the last {amount of time}.

I cannot speak to the validity of the charge against {Name} of {dereliction of duty/recklessness/etc.} but I can swear that I have never known {him/her} to be {derelict/reckless/irresponsibly/insubordinate} during the entire length of our professional relationship. In fact, {Name} is quite well-known for {sample behavior proving responsibility/sobriety/deference}.

I have never encountered any {disrespectful/unprofessional} behavior from {him/her}. I would be more than happy to publicly testify on {Name}'s stalwart and exceptional character, both in a personal and professional capacity.

Thank you,


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