Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference College Strengths

To Whom It May Concern:

As {Name}’s {guidance counselor/teacher/coach/etc.}, it is my pleasure to speak to their strengths.

{Name} possesses a number of academic strengths, particularly in the areas of {subjects}. Their social strengths include {leadership/kindness/getting along with everyone/etc.}.

Perhaps most importantly, {Name} has strength of character. When {difficult incident}, they were among the first to {step up/respond compassionately/etc.}.

They truly exhibit a growth mindset, and have always been willing to pivot and adapt when situations change. But at the same time, {Name} is true to their ideals. For example, {example}.

{Name} has many strengths, but above all, they are a good person who will go far in college.

Please contact me at my personal number of {number} if you would like further insights about {Name} and their exemplary character and strengths.


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