Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference College Coach

To Whom It May Concern:

Having coached {Name} in {sport} for {number} years, I am uniquely positioned to speak to their innate talent, drive for success, and future potential. On all counts, I am confident that {Name} will be an asset to your college, both on the field and in the classroom.

One of my first experiences with {Name} was when {revealing anecdote}. This experience showed me that they possess the critical qualities of {positive qualities}. This is not something I often see adults, and it’s even rarer in youths.

Due to {Name}’s skill and leadership qualities, I tapped them for team captain in their {junior/senior} year. When the decision was announced, their teammates cheered loudly in approval. We credit our season {title win/good showing/sportsmanship award/etc.} largely to {Name}. In fact, they garnered the {league trophy/Player of the Game, etc.}.

I feel confident that when you consider {Name}’s academic record, combined with their {sport} skill set and overall character, you will see that {Name} is a perfect match for {School Name}.

Please reach out to me via {High School} or via my private line at {number} if you would like to hear more about {Name}.


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