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   Character Reference Child Care Casual

Dear {Name},

I cannot believe that {child's name} is old enough for preschool! {He/She} was just born! My goodness.

Well, I will move past denial and accept that this preschool situation is real. With that settled, as a {teacher/parent/community member}, my strongest recommendation goes to {preschool}. It offers a nurturing environment where kids learn through play, and what {director} and the teachers are able to do there is nothing short of amazing.

However, because I'm not sure if you're up for the {time/money} commitment of {co-op/part time/fulltime} care, I also want to put in a word for {alternate preschool}. It's a great environment for young hearts and minds, and you could not go wrong placing {child's name} there.

My best to you and your family as you make this big and fun transition to the school years!



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