Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Black Belt

In the {number} years I have known {Name}, I have seen firsthand {his/her} tireless commitment to self-improvement, both physically and academically. {His/her} devotion to {martial art} has convinced me that {he/she} should be carefully considered as a {belt ranking}.

{Name} has been studying {martial art} for {number} years. As {his/her} {relation}, I have personally witnessed {him/her} practice diligently for {number} hours at a time on a daily basis. {He/she} is a good student and interested in improving both {his/her} body and mind.

As a student who has {brief list of accomplishments}, I know that {Name} will bring the honor and dedication required to master the {rank} belt. Please feel free to contact me concerning any questions you may have at {email/phone}.

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