Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Bar Exam

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing a letter of reference for {Name}, who was a student in my {Name} class during the spring term of {year}.

I am a professor of {subject} at {school}, and have been a {full, tenured, etc.} teacher for the last {number} years. I only write {number} reference letters per year for law school candidates, and {Name} is an extremely deserving applicant.

During {his/her} time in my class, {Name} proved {himself/herself} to be a logical, thorough and persuasive team leader. The class involved the difficult work of {description} and {Name} produced several innovative and thought-provoking essays concerning {topic}. {He/she} was always well-prepared for class and participated spiritedly in group discussions.

{Name} was a student who stood out among the rest. {His/her} writing skills, presentation talents and drive to succeed made {him/her} an ideal and memorable student.

Thank you,


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