Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Army

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to attest to the good character of {Army Member Name}.

I have known {Army Member Name} for {number} years, most recently as their {supervisor/colleague/friend/etc.}. Never in all that time have I seen them lose their temper or otherwise exhibit amoral or negative behaviors.

{Army Member Name} is reliable, loyal, and {other positive qualities.} Serving their country is central to all their decisions, and they have always set a good example to others. I had the pleasure of witnessing {anecdote exhibiting good character}.

I was incredibly disappointed to hear of {negative incident}. I am shocked that {Army Member Name} would be involved in such behavior, and I am confident that it is a one-time, outlier incident that does not reflect their true character.

I urge you to consider {examples of awards, projects, volunteerism, etc.}, and the person that {Army Member Name} has demonstrated themselves to be throughout their life, including their military career.

It would be my pleasure to talk with you about {Army Member Name}. I am also available to appear at a hearing if needed.


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