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   Character Reference Admission

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is {Name}. I have studied law and served as a {legal position} for more than {number} years. During that time, I have had the great pleasure of {teaching/working with/employing} {Name}. {He/she} is one of the few {employees/students/etc.} that I feel I can recommend whole-heartedly as a lawyer.

{Name} is not only highly educated, but of strong moral character. {He/she} knows that a firm ethical standard is essential in practicing law. {He/she} has never broken any laws, never been involved in lewd or raucous behavior, and never worked to cheat or undermine the system. I once had a student who was going to {example of unethical behavior}; {Name}, being unable to dissuade the student from this unethical course of action, chose to report the incident and therefore {result of good behavior}.

In addition to standing up against unethical behavior, {Name} also strives to promote the best in other people and the community at large. {He/she} frequently {volunteers/helps friends study/takes care of aged relative/etc.} It is this sort of dedication to the greater good that makes {him/her} an upstanding student and the perfect candidate for admission.

Thank you,


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