Character Reference Letter Examples

   Character Reference Addict

Dear {court official},

It brings me great pleasure to speak with full confidence on behalf of {name}. I would not have been able to do so {time period} ago.

The strides {he/she} has made toward recovery are nothing short of amazing. {Name} has worked so hard to show that {he/she} has come out ahead in this struggle. While {he/she} knows that {drug} may always be a temptation, {he/she} has built up an arsenal of tools to fight against a relapse.

Besides completing {rehab/courses/etc.}, {he/she} has taken the steps of {describe measures taken}. {His/Her} support system is large and we all stand ready to help {name}.

{Name} has also broken away from the circle of people with whom {he/she} procured and used drugs. Furthermore, {he/she} plans to {move away/change jobs/etc.}.

I have no doubt that {name} can continue to move forward in a positive way.



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