Character Reference Letter Examples

   Basic Character Reference

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to provide a character reference on behalf of {Name}, who is seeking {a job/leniency/scholarship/admittance} from you. I am happy to do so, as {Name} is a bright, compassionate, moral person whom I have had the great honor to get to know.

I am a {profession title} and have known {Name} for {number} years. We met at {meeting event} for {work/community/travel/etc.} and have spent time together {frequency of time spent} ever since. I know {him/her} {moderately/fairly/extremely} well, and can say that {he/she} is the most {personality traits} person I know.

{Brief, specific anecdote showing how the person embodies these personality traits. If they're generous with their time, talk about a community service they participated in. If they're fair-minded, talk about a time they did what was right in a way that exceeded expectations.}

I have full faith in the strength of {Name}'s character and conviction when it comes to {subject}. Thank you for your consideration.



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